The Vigilant Promise: To support the health-conscious community in living a Vigilant Life. A Vigilant Life focuses on cultivating one’s health, wellness, and inner peace. How does Vigilant Eats deliver this promise? By offering cutting-edge health foods and innovative wellness approaches. In collaboration with influential thought-leaders, we offer the best strategies to help our community accomplish their vigilant-life goals.

Vigilant Lifestyle Writers

What You Receive

– Vigilant Eats T-Shirt
– $30 per blog post
– Discount code for personal use only: 30% off webstore purchases
– Profile on our site
– Marketing on our social media for your posts/profile

What We Are Asking For

  • 2 written blog posts a month
    • Posts should always reflecting back to overcoming “x” fear + attaining “y” feeling/inspiration/permission/improved state.
    • Posts should be between 650 to 1,200 words in length. Include hyperlinks, photos, videos, and SEO optimization techniques.
    • Using the following topics and your background/interests as a framework for your story ideas. We want to achieve a holistic body of content that addresses ways to master your moments and find radiant health, inner peace, spaciousness, simplicity, joy, and the feeling of contributing to a greater world to build a community of support in this noisy world.
      • Morning Routines
      • Breakfast – Meal Planning
      • Exercise – Taking care of body
      • Clothing and Appearance
      • Work – Productivity
      • Technology
      • Relationships: romance, work, family, parenting, friends
      • Life goals: ambition + finance
      • Rest and restoration
      • Creativity and hobbies
      • Socializing- events, festivals, local happenings
      • Service offerings- community and charitable participation
      • Yoga, meditation, spiritual engagement
      • Evening routines

Vigilant Lifestyle Writers Application Form

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