About Vigilant Eats

Remarkable flavors, antioxidant goodness, and simple convenience.

Our SUPERFOOD CEREAL is an upgrade to your morning ritual.

At Vigilant Eats, we take our ingredients, recipes, and certifications seriously. We’re careful to choose the highest quality organic superfoods to accompany our Montana grown, organic, gluten free oats. We’re conscious of the fact that you are what you eat and that a high quality life requires high quality fuel.

About Vigilant Life

“With Vigilant Eats and Vigilant Life, we’ve created a rare and positively holistic ecosystem to nourish the body and mind. To fully express our potential, we must courageously transcend conventional expectations and be vigilant in our journey inward. The inputs in both the food we eat and the practices we utilize, such as yoga and meditation support us in becoming the healthiest, happiest and kindest humans we’re able. Vigilant Eats and Vigilant Life wish to be a supportive home for our community’s nourishment, growth, and expression.”

-Doug Siegel
CEO and Founder