3 Intentions That Help Support My Yoga Practice

1. Let yoga help me face my life and my death.

I wish to face my life as I wish to face my death: in gratitude, in awe, openly welcoming what’s next. This can not be done when disturbed by fear and desire, when holding to an identity or story of who I believe myself to be. No story, nothing to hide behind, naked, open, humble, and courageous.

2. Let yoga help me welcome life’s discomforts into my heart.

I aim to bring the discomfort of the asana into my heart. There is no freedom when I resist or reject life. Life IS discomfort. Running away causes more suffering than facing life head on. Welcome discomfort as the fuel of freedom.

3. Let yoga build my state of presence from which I may give freely of myself.

The willingness to remain with life’s discomfort manifests our compassion and peace. Every action then becomes an offering of generosity. It’s a giving away of everything that is “me and mine” to the unfolding presence of happenstance. This emptying of self makes room in our lives for awe. As we empty the vessel, the vessel is effortlessly filled again with the nectar of joy.

In an essay I’ve written called “Honoring the 4 phases of Spiritual Growth,” (free download), stage 3 is when yoga becomes most helpful. It’s the stage when we awaken to an insight that shows us how perception is the basis of our experience. Once we understand the way in which perception forms our experience, we utilize yoga to help diminish our resistance to life’s discomfort. This allows us the space to respond in greater joy.

In freedom, in awe, in love, and in peace.

-Doug Siegel

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