How Hemp Supports Our Bodies and Planet

  This week is Hemp History Week! Vigilant Eats supports the production and consumption of this crop because of its nutritional and environmental benefits. As it is one of the few complete plant-based proteins, we chose to use hemp protein in all of our superfood cereals. Being vigilant means making the best choices, and hemp is […]

3 Intentions That Help Support My Yoga Practice

1. Let yoga help me face my life and my death. I wish to face my life as I wish to face my death: in gratitude, in awe, openly welcoming what’s next. This can not be done when disturbed by fear and desire, when holding to an identity or story of who I believe myself […]

How Does Yoga Help?

Recently, a yoga skeptic asked me ‘why is Yoga such a big deal?’ She was asking in jest, just making small talk at a party. She knew my deal…guy into meditation, yoga, and health-food. I could tell by her disjointed gestures and wandering eyes that she was a bit drunk. No judgments, so was I. […]

A Roadmap of Self Discovery

On the path of self-discovery, are there insights from which we could all benefit? Could we take advantage of a basic roadmap? Fellow travelers often enjoy sharing the many points of interest along the way. Who wouldn’t wish for such guidance? Our favorite teachers and mentors can certainly help illuminate the path, yet often we […]

Religious, Spiritual, or Both?

I was eating dinner at a restaurant with several new acquaintances. There were 9 people. We had just completed a tradeshow. At the table, some of the Christian old timers felt comfortable sharing anti Islam sentiments. To be more specific, they basically lumped all Islamic people into the category of “terrorist sympathizers.” The sensible young […]