The Vigilant Promise: To support the health-conscious community in living a Vigilant Life. A Vigilant Life focuses on cultivating one’s health, wellness, and inner peace. How does Vigilant Eats deliver this promise? By offering cutting-edge health foods and innovative wellness approaches. In collaboration with influential thought-leaders, we offer the best strategies to help our community accomplish their vigilant-life goals.

Instagram Influencer

Are you a lifestyle guru on social networks like Instagram? We are looking to join forces with companies and people who are in line with the Vigilant Eats vision and mission. You can learn more and apply to join the Vigilant Lifestyle Influencer Program by clicking the button below.


Learn more about our Vigilant Lifestyle Writers Team and apply to join by clicking the button below. We are striving for a core team of 10 bloggers with initial 3-month contracts. If we do not get back to you now, know that your application will be reviewed upon future team evaluations.


I love to activate the Vigilant Community whenever I can. If you are looking for support for trade shows, wellness festivals, or other PR-related events and opportunities, click the button below.